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ClearForest’s Modeler Enables Text Extraction
Posted Oct 20, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

ClearForest, a provider of text analytics solutions, has announced ClearForest Modeler, a tool designed to enable business users to create text extraction solutions. The results are modules that are used to transform free form text into structured tables in a relational database or XML tags.

ClearForest Modeler takes sample documents as input, processes them, and then generates a suggested list of relevant terms, statistically significant terms, and term generalizations. The user provides feedback by excluding terms and assigning elements to user-defined entity types. ClearForest Modeler combines statistical techniques with sophisticated linguistics (e.g. the identification of parts-of-speech, stems, polarity, and word phrases). Modules created in ClearForest Modeler are upward compatible to this development environment.

ClearForest Modeler is part of the 7.1 release of the ClearForest Text Analytics Platform. ClearForest Modeler is immediately available and can be purchased directly from ClearForest.


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