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TEMIS Launches Luxid for Life Sciences
Posted Oct 13, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

TEMIS, a provider of Text Analytics, has introduced its first edition of Luxid, its Information Intelligence solution, serving the global information needs of Life Sciences Corporations. Luxid for Life Sciences offers advanced features dedicated to the analysis of the relations between biological, medical, and chemical entities. It provides a set of navigation and discovery tools designed to enable scientists to evaluate the "druggability" of a target or to profile a chemical compound; Luxid for Life Sciences gathers multiple patent sources, extracts, and normalizes key metadata (assignees, patent series) together with relevant entities (genes, diseases, chemical compounds). It is designed to allow patent lawyers to speed up patent portfolios analysis to better evaluate freedom-to-operate opportunities around promising chemical compounds and also to detect early signals of possible patent infringement; and Luxid for Life Sciences helps Marketing and Safety departments monitor adverse event related risks. Luxid for Life Sciences automates adverse event detection, through the extraction of relevant links between drugs, treatments, and induced pathologies or symptoms. It provides a workflow of escalation rules to comply with pharmacovigilance regulatory obligations.

Luxid for Life Sciences has been structured into three stackable software applications: Luxid Annotation Factory performs the extraction of information from text. Its understanding of all major languages powers the ability to identify entities and relationships. Luxid for Life Sciences natively embeds four exclusive Life Sciences annotators, based on TEMIS Skill Cartridge technology; Luxid Information Mart is a platform that federates heterogeneous sources, and enriches the harvested documents, leveraging Luxid Annotation Factory in order to build a knowledge base; and Luxid Information Analytics is a web-based portal enabling information discovery on top of Luxid Information Mart. Its user interface provides access to advanced search and filtering, document navigation, time analysis, cross-tab views, information mapping, and clustering. The Knowledge Browser turns any document set into a navigable knowledge graph, displaying extracted entities semantic relationships. To enable collaborative discoveries, Luxid Information Analytics also offers multiple-view dashboards through user-defined and shared Centers of Interest. The Luxid for Life Sciences platform is also integrated with IBM OmniFind Enterprise Search to incorporate analytics into broader enterprise search and discovery applications. Luxid is currently available.


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