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Baynote Launches Community-Based Site; Free Search and Hosting
Posted Oct 12, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Baynote, Inc. has launched, a community-based website that encourages the adoption of business-ready open source search. Visitors to the site can take advantage of search for their business website, and may choose to have the software hosted for free or may download either the Baynote Image or the latest Apache Nutch installation package. offers three options for Open Source Search: a hosted version, an image, and a native installation. Visitors who download Baynote Image can begin using open source search almost immediately. The Baynote Image can be run on server, desktop, or even laptop-class machines and requires only the free VMware player linked from Businesses may also download the Baynote Distribution enabling them to install, and configure the latest version of Apache Nutch while benefiting from community forums, tutorials, documentation, and configuration example code.

Baynote has also launched Baynote Go, a free offering that provides businesses with search for their websites without any software, hosting, or support costs. Baynote Go delivers search results to visitors and is backed by the "Wisdom of Community"--which analyzes and provides actionable recommendations based on the emergent behaviors of peers, experts, and the greater site community. Baynote Go is designed for businesses of any size that are focused on improving online conversion rates while reducing the cost of managing their website. Baynote Go is built on the Apache Foundation's Nutch search engine--open source search engine. Baynote has extended Nutch to provide business-ready website search including robust hosting, administration, and community-based support, all free of charge.

Websites using Baynote Go can also take advantage of Baynote's Content Guidance, which analyzes visitor search and navigation behaviors, then dynamically customizes the website search and navigational experience for each user. In addition, site navigation is streamlined, with a reduction from 6 to 1 in the average number of clicks needed to find information and complete transactions. Baynote Go is available immediately.


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