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ISYS releases new search suite
Posted Oct 27, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

ISYS Search Software has introduced a significant new version of its search software suite. ISYS 8 includes three major components to deliver the entire range of search functionality: ISYS:desktop 8, ISYS:web 8 and ISYS:sdk 8.

The company reports that new features in the suite include:

  • ISYS Entities for text mining, e-discovery and expertise location;
  • content caching, scripting and federated search reporting for improved power and scalability;
  • editorial controls and tuning to facilitate adherence to business rules;
  • deep search analytics through enhanced ISYS SearchTrends; and
  • broader content support, including Microsoft SharePoint and Office 2007.

ISYS says the entity feature is important to Version 8 because it automatically extracts and displays the "who, what and where" search, allowing users to understand the context of their results and the connections and associations present between their search terms and the content. It also enables users to drill down, locate topic experts and discover information they might not have known existed. The entity feature is even offered in ISYS:desktop, making it the first desktop search application to offer automatic entity extraction, says ISYS.

The company further highlights the following capabilities found through the suite:

Best Bets--designed to enable administrators to ensure that a specific document appears as the first result when given a certain query.

ISYS Federator--the ability to federate queries across remote indexes, including content collections from multiple ISYS:web servers as if those indexes were maintained locally.

Microsoft SharePoint--out-of-the-box support for Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server, enabling organizations to include SharePoint content in their ISYS indexes while adhering to SharePoint's security settings.

Enhanced SearchTrends--gives organizations the ability to analyze search behavior and modify search features to better cater to their users.

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