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veotag Launches Service for Online Authors
Posted Jun 27, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

veotag, a provider of resources and tools designed to help solve problems associated with audio and video on the web, has launched a service that allows online video "authors" to add clickable, explanatory text to almost any online video to improve audiences' viewing experiences. The service, available for free to individuals, is designed to enable video authors to describe what's inside a video, and where, and allow viewers to go to specific, desired parts of the video by clicking on related text. veotag also enhances audio files.

veotag enables individuals to "annotate" with clickable text just about any video (or audio file), and it requires no special software or technical skills. After a video (or an audio file) is "veotagged", viewers can navigate the video as if they're skimming a book with a good table of contents. There is no charge for veotag's basic consumer service. To "veotag" a video, the author goes to veotag's website and enters the URL of the video (or audio file) he or she wants to annotate. veotag locates the video, and then begins playing it on the author's screen. Whenever the author wants to add a comment, he or she can stop the video and type desired text in an adjacent text box, and then resume playing the video. When the author has finished adding all the text, he or she saves the text to a personal veotag account. veotag then gives the author a URL to share with anyone--or everyone.

Viewers of the "veotagged" video can click on the text created by the author and go right to the corresponding scene. Viewers reach the veotagged video by clicking on the URL associated with it. They no longer need to know the URL of the original video. In addition to making it go directly to specific parts of a video, veotagging allows everyone on the web to find and use video and audio: veotag gives its authors the option of submitting their veotagged videos and audio files--clickable text and veotag URL--to the search engines.


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