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Enterprise desktop search
Posted Feb 21, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

X1 Technologies  has unveiled the latest version of its desktop search platform. The company says X1 Enterprise Edition 2.5 can be managed, deployed and extended across the enterprise while retaining necessary scalability, performance and security.  X1 reports that new features include:

X1 Enterprise Client, which gives the user a single, unified view of all applications and data that reside on the desktop and the corporate network. This increases productivity by allowing the user to take action on the results within the context of the application that manages it.

Cluster Manager, which provides near-linear scalability to cover large data stores and remote management, configuration and installation of the X1 server.

X1 Content Connector for Interwoven, which connects to the Interwoven WorkSite 8.0 data repository and federates the results with local and server-based content. The user can perform common Worksite 8.0 functions such as "open," "check-in," and "check-out," and send documents within the X1 interface.

X1 SDKs, which allow developers and system integrators to leverage X1's open architecture to connect to other applications in the organization and automate key workflows. The X1 Server SDK enables users to extend the X1 solution to index new or custom data sources such as proprietary and third-party systems. X1 Client SDK enables the user interface to be customized and extended to integrate search results directly into existing applications and business processes.

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