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Integrating Web analytics
Posted Nov 16, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Inxight ( and Kapow Technologies ( have entered into an agreement to integrate and jointly market and sell the Kapow Web Integration platform with Inxight SmartDiscovery Analysis Server. The resulting solution is said to enable customers to analyze any structured or unstructured information available on the Web.

Kapow describes its platform as capable of integrating any application or information through the Web front end into portals, content/knowledge management systems, databases or solution frameworks (such as service-oriented architectures) as Web services. Kapow further says its platform automates the access to any Web resource, even behind log-in screens, and the associated Web interactions to extract and reuse online content, data, functionality or processes.

Inxight reports it will resell Kapow's products to customers seeking additional functionality to collect information from Web resources for processing within the Inxight SmartDiscovery Analysis Server platform, adding that customers deploying the joint offering will be able to collect Web data and extract relevant content and information in conjunction with their own enterprise content. Further, says Inxight, customers can keep their content collection fresh through automated or scheduled synchronization of content. In addition, if information is not found in the customer's current collection, an ad hoc query system that is part of the solution can collect and normalize the content in real time and insert it into Inxight SmartDiscovery.

Once collected, users can then extract and analyze the unstructured text in the crawled data, using Inxight SmartDiscovery Analysis Server, which can process text and extract more than 30 entities such as people, places, currencies, dates, organizations, etc. Analysis Server also extracts facts and events involving those entities.

The companies cite the following capabilities of the combined offering:

  • competitive intelligence--automates the collection and overview of a competitor's movement and/or a market sector, including information such as press release data, new product launches, price changes, selling time, etc.;
  • data aggregation--automatically monitors and collects information from any Web-based source, including company information, news, press releases, product catalogs, online price comparisons and public company rules and laws;
  • process automation--offers business partners the ability to automate manual procedures, such as sending an ad for inclusion in printed media, synchronizing product catalogs and prices into the marketplace, etc.;
  • data conversion--imports, exports or synchronizes data to and from content management systems using a Web front end.

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