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Jeteye Launches Search Platform
Posted Aug 26, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Jeteye Inc. has announced the launch of its shared search platform. Featuring user-created packages of self-selected search results, comments, and images called Jetpaks, Jeteye enables users to search, manage, and distribute information. Jeteye's search platform has integrated searchable and shareable online content in multiple forms combined with user comments and blog-like entries.

Jeteye integrates social networking, Web searches, blogs, images, and other searchable Jetpaks, generating more relevant content. Jeteye is populated by users who have created, managed and shared their Web searches and information-gathering processes. Jetpaks are designed for retrieval of a diverse set of archived content. Jeteye was created with a combination of core IP and open source technology and the platform offers multiple search engine functionality for those who prefer to obtain their search items from a particular traditional engine. Once the user performs a search and finds relevant information, the creation of a Jetpak begins. 

The searchable packages are not limited to space and as an option a Jetpak can be amended by future users in a "wiki-like" continuation of content if the original creator chooses an open-ended package format. To populate its community and give users an idea of what possibilities exist for shared search experience, Jeteye has pre-populated Jetpaks about user searches. These pre-packaged, polished search result bundles provide information ranging from travel destinations and popular music to automobiles and books. Jeteye is an open network, accessible to members and non-members alike. Membership begins with an email address and alias and is designed to allow the added capability to implement the Jetpak to enhance the member's Web experience and that of millions of other Web users. Users may add notes to their Jetpaks, such as recommendations, comments, and opinions, while a rating system attempts to allow users to evaluate and provide feedback based on the contents of a particular Jetpak. Those Jetpaks receiving the highest ratings from the Jeteye community will be placed at the top of their appropriate keyword search results.

Advertisers can find opportunities to reach customers through the viral nature of Jetpaks. Through the life of a Jetpak--as it is emailed from user to user and accessed through Jeteye searches--the advertising remains embedded in the original package design. Sponsorships are available for the bundled, content-specific packages, which may also include sponsored links inside the Jetpak.


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