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Nstein to Support an Open Text Analytics Framework
Posted Aug 23, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Nstein Technologies Inc., a provider of linguistic-based Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, has developed specific applications where multilingual technologies can help companies and organizations extract meanings, relationships, and facts from text and data mining initiatives and generate alerts. These applications will be supporting the new open Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) recently announced by IBM.

Some of these applications, include: Early Warning Intelligence Solutions (EWIS), which is Nstein's solutions for early warning intelligence combine annotators (specialized metadata extractor) related to Disease Names, Organisms, Indirect Alliances, etc. and designed especially for companies and organizations whose products and services may impact the environment, health and safety (EHS) of customers, employees or the general public (Chemicals & Petroleum, Energy and Utilities, Industrial & Manufacturing, Consumer Products); Early Warning Threat Analysis Systems (EWTAS), which is a combination of annotators such as the Military Terms Annotator, Concurrence Annotator and Relationships/Associations provides a text mining solution for applications in Government Law Enforcement, Aerospace and Defense, and Travel and Transportation; Customer Support and Issues Management (CRM), which combines elements such as Suggestions Identifiers, Hot Topics Identifiers and Tone Detector to provide companies and organizations with a solid text mining solution to extract actionable data from incoming e-mails, Web sites or surveys. Companies in industries such as hospitality (hotel chains), car rental, airlines, insurance, retail or electronic manufacturing obtain real-time information from multilingual sources with this application, including customer suggestions and hot topics; and Public Image Monitoring and Media Monitoring, which is a cross industry application for any company or organization interested in real-time monitoring and management of its image and reputation in the media, in multiple languages. Annotators such as Concept Extractor, Organizations Names and Hot Topics Identifiers are combined to provide a real-time tracking of information published about a company or its competitors in various media.


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