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Featured Content - Project & System Management
New in the Demo Center -- Cognition Linguistic Search
Since the Enterprise Search Center launched about a year ago, we've added more than a dozen search engine demos--all free to registered users. This week, we welcome Cognition Technologies to the demo space with a beta version of their new linguistic search engine, CognitionSearch. Check it out by clicking on the Demo Center icon in the left-navigation bar.
Featured Content, Posted 11 Jul 2007
Call for Papers - Enterprise Search Sourcebook 2008
Here's your chance to share what you know with peers, colleagues, and the industry at large. Information Today, Inc., the producer of Enterprise Search Summit—the first and leading event focused on deploying search technology within organizations—is looking for people with strong feelings, deep opinions, and tales to share about deploying search technology in the enterprise. We'd like to publish your thoughts and observations in the 2008 edition of our Enterprise Search Sourcebook.
Featured Content, Posted 11 Jul 2007
User-Centric Search -- An Interview with Author Martin White
EContent magazine editor Michelle Manafy discusses strategies and tactics for organizations searching for an Enterprise Search Solution with Martin White, managing director of Intranet Focus Ltd. and author of Making Search Work: Implementing Web, Intranet and Enterprise Search.
Featured Content, Posted 27 Jun 2007
Making Search Work -- A New Book from ITI
"Making Search Work," by Martin White, is designed to help organizations understand, evaluate, and implement desktop, Web site, intranet, and enterprise search applications. Information guru Martin White explains search technology in clear, non-technical language and describes the benefits and issues for a range of solutions—from high-end to affordable plug-and-play software products.
Featured Content, Posted 27 Jun 2007
Best Practices In Enterprise Search (Vol. 3)
It's KMWorld's third, biggest and best-ever collection of White Papers on Enterprise Search. Connect to all the papers free from Enterprise Search Center . . .
Featured Content, Posted 30 May 2007
The Top 4 Articles from Enterprise Search Center This Year
The Enterprise Search Center has been online for a year now. So, Happy Birthday to us. We're in the process of reviewing the site's performance. Over the next several weeks, we'll be sharing with you some results. When it comes to content, site visitors have voted with their clicks-throughs. Based on the click rates, here are the four top articles we published in the last 12 months. You might possibly have missed some of the original content we've presented. Here's your chance to catch up . . .
Featured Content, Posted 16 May 2007
Best Practices in Enterprise Search (Vol. III), Now Available Free from KMWorld
KMWorld has released its third annual collection of White Papers on Best Practices in Enterprise Search, available free.
Featured Content, Posted 16 May 2007
Enterprise Search Summit Opens in New York
IDC analyst Sue Feldman (left) kicked off ITI's Enterprise Seach Summit yesterday with a definition of enterprise search that extended the field from search boxes to anything that helps users discover content of interest. Shown here with conference program chair Nancy Garman (right), Sue said in her keynote address, "The search box is a good starting point, but it's no longer good enough.
Featured Content, Posted 16 May 2007
Summit Sponsors Put on a Good Show, In New York and Also Here . . .
Delegates to Enterprise Search Summit had the opportunity to talk directly with many solutions providers, including Autonomy, BA-Insight, Convera, Coveo, ENDECA, Engenium, Exalead, Expert System, FAST Search & Transfer, Google, Groxis, IBM, Inxight, ISYS, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, New Idea Engineering, Northern Light, Open Text, Oracle, Recommind, Siderean, Teragram, Vivisimo, WebSideStory, and X1. Many of these companies are also offering demos in the Enterprise Search Center's demo space.
Featured Content, Posted 16 May 2007
Featured Content: Study Finds It Takes Multiple Solutions to Search the Enterprise
Information Today, Inc. has released a new research study — Enterprise Search Deployment, Usage, and Trends – that provides real-world insights into how widely Enterprise Search applications are being deployed, what features end users want, and how satisfied they are with the solutions in place. The study, co-authored by Jean Bedord of Shore Communications and Faulkner Information Services, a division of Information Today, Inc., includes specific recommendations for organizations considering Enterprise Search deployments and upgrades, and for vendors seeking customers in this dynamic space. The report is available for purchase from the Research Reports section of the Enterprise Search Center. Click through to read more, review the table of contents, and buy the report.
Featured Content, Posted 21 Mar 2007
Featured Content: Search Finds Usability with the Right Information Architecture
Search is not being deployed in the enterprise as a fundamental corporate platform, but as a fragmented function. Between thrashing amid multiple applications and interfaces and the "processing" of irrelevant information, users experience loss of time, loss of focus, and loss of productivity. Is it any wonder that satisfaction with current corporate search environments is so low? The solution to this situation is not the selection of the "right" search tool or even in search technology per se. The solution, observes consultant Carl Frappaolo in this Enterprise Search Center exclusive article, lies in the understanding that search is a component part of an overall organizational strategy and a commitment to an Information Architecture. The efficiency and effectiveness of the search experience is maximized when it is addressed holistically, as part of an organization-wide strategy to content management, embodied in an Information Architecture. Click through to get your free PDF.
Featured Content, Posted 07 Feb 2007
Featured Content: Federated Search Library Market Study from Faulkner (free PDF)
Though the "federated search" solutions you are exploring for your enterprise may not be the same "federated searching" that libraries discuss, this market study of library applications will provide useful food for thought. Preview: Federated search technology provides libraries and other research centers with a means to offer patrons a unified search interface for accessing disparate resources. Improving search services is critical for meeting the expectations of today's library patrons, who are accustomed to the speed and comprehensiveness of Web searches. Free report from ITI's Faulkner Information Services division.
Featured Content, Posted 13 Dec 2006
Featured Content: Enterprise Search Market Trends -- Free Report from Faulkner Information Services
The market for enterprise search technology has changed in key ways in recent years, particularly as more companies have entered the sector. These changes provide potential customers with new ways to implement technology that searches their networks for critical data. The changes also create a more complex array of choices, so understanding the state of the market and its future direction is critical for making the right choices about enterprise search technology. Get your free PDF of this premium content courtesy ITI's Faulkner Information Services.
Featured Content, Posted 29 Nov 2006
Featured Content: Holistic Search
To empower knowledge workers and fully realize the value of search software, organizations need to do more than just point software at existing corporate repositories. In this exclusive article for Enterprise Search Center, author Kashyap Kompella succinctly exhorts a holistic approach encompassing technology, people, process, and culture to extract the maximum value from your investments in search technology. Click through to collect your free PDF.
Featured Content, Posted 01 Nov 2006
First Call: Enterprise Search Summit -- Want to Speak?
ITI's Enterprise Search Summit 2007 will be May 15-16 at the Hilton New York. A Call for Speakers is now posted at The deadline is November 1, 2006. Dynamic speakers who can talk knowledgeably about detailed aspects of how to implement and manage search within an organization are invited to submit proposals. Click through to read what the organizers are looking for.
Featured Content, Posted 04 Oct 2006
Joining Us This Week in the Demo Center
Today we welcome SearchInform to the ESCenter Demo Center. A flash demo and links are provided. Other demos available at this time are: Groxis, Siderean, exalead, Vivisimo, Coveo, Thunderstone, Synomia, Northern Light, Mondosoft, and Isys. Check them all out at the Enterprise Search Center Web site. Just click on the Demo Center navigation bar item or on the Featured Demo logos on the Home Page.
Featured Content, Posted 06 Sep 2006
New This Week in the Demo Center
Groxis presents a demonstration of its visualization search software Grokker. For this demo Groxis lets you "grok" a federated collection of open Web sources (Yahoo!, Wikipedia, and Amazon Books). Try searching for your company, someone you know, or virtually any topic of interest, then check out the map view. Groxis makes the 10th vendor to join our demo center. Other demos available at this time are: Siderean, exalead, Vivisimo, Coveo, Thunderstone, Synomia, Northern Light, Mondosoft, and Isys. Check them all out at the Enterprise Search Center Web site. Just click on the Demo Center navigation bar item or on the Featured Demo logos on the Home Page.
Featured Content, Posted 09 Aug 2006
Hot Links on Video Search, Taxonomy Development, and Outsourcing Search
Check out these excellent resources on search that we found tucked away on other ITI Web sites. 1) A podcast interview with blinkx founder Suranga Chandratillake on how video search is expanding from enterprise to consumer applications, with implications for all; 2) an article by Stephen Arnold on how to decide if outsourcing your enterprise search solution is right for you; and 3) a presentation from KMWorld/Intranets 2005 on taxonomy development, by Wendy Phos. Just follow the links to these selected resources from ITI's Web content collection.
Featured Content, Posted 26 Jul 2006
This Week in the Demo Center
This week Siderean has added a flash demo illustrating its Seamark Navigator 4.0 product. Visit our free demo center to take it for a spin. While you're there, you can also check out the demos from: Coveo, exalead, ISYS, MondoSoft, NorthernLight, Synomia, Thunderstone and Vivisimo.
Featured Content, Posted 12 Jul 2006
ESCenter Premieres Exclusive Articles Series
The Enterprise Search Center has invited a number of experts to write exclusive articles for us to share with you. We'll be publishing an article every couple of weeks, starting with a piece today called "Principles of Effective Search," by James Robertson. JAMES ROBERTSON is the managing director of Step Two Designs (, a leading vendor-neutral intranet and content management consultancy located in Australia. In PRINCIPLES OF EFFECTIVE SEARCH, Robertson shares highlights from a study he conducted on improving intranet search results.
Featured Content, Posted 12 Jul 2006
Now Available: The Enterprise Search Report
ESCenter will be featuring the best in free content from ITI's comtent vault. We'll also be striking deals with other publishers to offer you the best in research reports on search and related subjects. We are now able to provide you with the opportunity to buy the very latest report on enterprise search from CMS Watch. Read more about the report . . .
Featured Content, Posted 28 Jun 2006
This Week in the Demo Center
Vivisimo and exalead have joined the ESCenter's demo space. Take the opportunity to test drive the search solution of your choice. Our other featured demos include Coveo, ISYS, MondoSoft, NorthernLight, Synomia, and Thunderstone.
Featured Content, Posted 28 Jun 2006
Welcome to the First Issue of Enterprise Search Xtra
ITI's Enterprise Search Center is pleased to announce that we have launched our electronic newsletter, Enterprise Search Xtra. If you are already signed up to receive it, a copy has been sent to the e-mail address you provided. Please encourage your colleagues to sign up for the newsletter, too, by forwarding a copy on to them or referring them to the Web site (, where they can sign up for an individual subscription. The newsletter, like the center, is free.
Featured Content, Posted 28 Jun 2006
Welcome to Our Sandbox
With the beta launch of this Web site, Information Today, Inc. (ITI), is pleased to present the seed of an idea. Working with users and vendors, we want to build the site into a place that helps managers explore search solutions for their enterprises. Read the official announcement . . .
Featured Content, Posted 21 May 2006
Help Us Define the Topic
ESCenter was created by ITI as an across-the-enterprise collaborative effort. In developing the center further we want to collaborate with site users in making the site best match user needs. So far, the topic “enterprise search” has been defined based on a content analysis of materials published in ITI’s periodicals, including KMWorld and EContent Magazine. We’d like your help in refining our working taxonomy. Click on the blue headline (ABOVE) to learn more about what we've done and how you can help.
Featured Content, Posted 21 May 2006
Check Out Our Search Demos
In addition to helping those seeking a search solution for their enterprise, the ESCenter is meant to be a sandbox where the companies who vend search and related solutions are also invited to play. For starters, we’ve given search vendors the opportunity to post a working demo of their solution. At beta launch we have a half-dozen demos to show you. Just click on the Demo Center tab in the left-hand navigation bar. If you haven't been to the site before, you may be asked to register. Registration for this site is free. To learn how your enterprise can participate in the Demo Center, see the Services for Advertisers tab on the left-hand navigation bar. (Participation is free.)
Featured Content, Posted 21 May 2006
FEATURED CONTENT: Enterprise Search White Paper
Information Today publishes widely on the subject of enterprise search and other technology topics. Each week we'll be selecting an item from our total content collection to feature on this site. For this beta launch, we've selected a White Paper collection, which recently appeared as a supplement to KMWorld Magazine. The collection includes more than a dozen articles on enterprise search. To review the table of contents and get your free PDF, click on the blue Featured Content headline immediately above this summary.
Featured Content, Posted 21 May 2006
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