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Featured Content - Systems & Information Architecture
Help Us Define the Topic
ESCenter was created by ITI as an across-the-enterprise collaborative effort. In developing the center further we want to collaborate with site users in making the site best match user needs. So far, the topic “enterprise search” has been defined based on a content analysis of materials published in ITI’s periodicals, including KMWorld and EContent Magazine. We’d like your help in refining our working taxonomy. Click on the blue headline (ABOVE) to learn more about what we've done and how you can help.
Featured Content, Posted 21 May 2006
Check Out Our Search Demos
In addition to helping those seeking a search solution for their enterprise, the ESCenter is meant to be a sandbox where the companies who vend search and related solutions are also invited to play. For starters, we’ve given search vendors the opportunity to post a working demo of their solution. At beta launch we have a half-dozen demos to show you. Just click on the Demo Center tab in the left-hand navigation bar. If you haven't been to the site before, you may be asked to register. Registration for this site is free. To learn how your enterprise can participate in the Demo Center, see the Services for Advertisers tab on the left-hand navigation bar. (Participation is free.)
Featured Content, Posted 21 May 2006
FEATURED CONTENT: Enterprise Search White Paper
Information Today publishes widely on the subject of enterprise search and other technology topics. Each week we'll be selecting an item from our total content collection to feature on this site. For this beta launch, we've selected a White Paper collection, which recently appeared as a supplement to KMWorld Magazine. The collection includes more than a dozen articles on enterprise search. To review the table of contents and get your free PDF, click on the blue Featured Content headline immediately above this summary.
Featured Content, Posted 21 May 2006
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