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TurnHere and Pheedo Partner to Distribute Web Video Via RSS
TurnHere Inc and Pheedo have announced a strategic partnership focused on the distribution of online video content via real-time, RSS feed-powered technology.
News, Posted 24 Jul 2007
Northern Light brightens SinglePoint
Announces Version 4.0
News, Posted 16 Jul 2007
Elsevier Partners With FAST
Elsevier has announced a partnership with Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) to create a new free online resource for the scientific community.
News, Posted 29 Jun 2007
Basis Technology Announces Entity Extraction for Microsoft Live Search
Basis Technology has announced that Microsoft has licensed its Rosette Entity Extractor (REX) to enhance the user experience on Microsoft Live Search by adding news results to specific user queries.
News, Posted 29 Jun 2007
Fios Upgrades Prevail Application
Fios Inc., a provider in delivering electronic discovery and litigation readiness services, has unveiled enhancements to Prevail, the company's web-based review application. The upgrades are targeted for public release in early Q3 2007.
News, Posted 26 Jun 2007
Fifth generation knowledge sharing
Altus unveils platform upgrade
News, Posted 25 Jun 2007
Clipblast! Adds ‘Real-Time Ticker’ of Web Video
ClipBlast!, a web video search and navigation platform, has unveiled an enhanced version of its video search toolbar, with a “Real-Time Ticker” that highlights video as it is released across the web.
News, Posted 15 Jun 2007
Advancing analytics
Attensity automates fact-finding
News, Posted 11 Jun 2007
Unstructured BI
Business Objects to acquire Inxight
News, Posted 23 May 2007
Guiding content
Baynote's new e-commerce offering
News, Posted 09 May 2007
Genwi Launches Media Viewing and Sharing Site
Genwi has launched its site that aggregates user-contributed RSS feeds in all media formats as well as offer personalized content pages, friend-based media sharing, tagging, popularity rankings, and other tools for navigating and filtering online media.
News, Posted 08 May 2007
Web2Corp and Nextelligence Launch Web 2.1 Site
Web2Corp and Nextelligence have announced a partnership to create
News, Posted 06 Apr 2007
ClipBlast! Releases ClipBlast! 2.0
ClipBlast!, a video search engine, has launched ClipBlast! 2.0, complete with Video Navigator--Web video technology engineered according to how people actually interact with video online.
News, Posted 30 Mar 2007
FAST's AIW unleashed
BI built on search
News, Posted 28 Mar 2007
NewsGator goes mobile
Support for Java-enabled devices
News, Posted 21 Mar 2007
Tell Us Your Story . . . Win a Prize
Information Today and Babson College’s Working Knowledge Research Center are working on a special "Discovering Content ROI" contest beginning this month. Tell us your story. Win a iPod nano!
News, Posted 21 Mar 2007
Enterprise Search Sourcebook -- Now Available Free! has published the first edition of the Enterprise Search Sourcebook. If you have not yet received a copy, click through to sign up. It's free.
News, Posted 21 Mar 2007
Vamosa Launches ‘Themis’ Platform
Vamosa, a provider of content processing, analysis, and migration, has announced plans to enter the eDiscovery market with the launch of a new platform called Themis.
News, Posted 20 Mar 2007
Reportlinker Announces Search Engine For Open Access Market Research Reports
Reportlinker has announced its vertical search engine dedicated to open access market research reports.
News, Posted 09 Mar 2007
Industry-specific search tool/portal
Provider HealthNet from SK&A
News, Posted 07 Mar 2007
Hey--get on my cloud
Quintura launches new version
News, Posted 07 Mar 2007
Discovering FAST
InStream OEM partnership with LexisNexis
News, Posted 05 Mar 2007
Generate Releases Generate g2
Generate Inc., a provider of real-time contextual information, has announced the release of Generate g2: 2.0.
News, Posted 02 Mar 2007
Quintura Launches Search Interface With Interactive Tag Cloud
Quintura, a search startup, has announced the launch of its re-engineered visual search.
News, Posted 02 Mar 2007
Attensa Releases Feed Server 1.1
Attensa, Inc., a developer of RSS software for businesses, has introduced significant enhancements to the Attensa Feed Server, a web feed server designed to distribute internal and external web feeds to users and groups behind the firewall.
News, Posted 16 Feb 2007
m-spatial Launches Converged Local Search
m-spatial, a provider of mobile local search, has launched its solution for Converged Local Search--a new initiative designed to stimulate mass market consumer adoption of local search on mobile devices.
News, Posted 13 Feb 2007
Vivisimo Launches Vivisimo Velocity 5.5
Vivisimo, a provider of enterprise search software and expertise, has introduced the Vivisimo Velocity 5.5 enterprise search platform.
News, Posted 13 Feb 2007
An e-discovery aid
OnSite 3 eases document review
News, Posted 12 Feb 2007
Inxight for Oracle
SmartDiscovery for 10g
News, Posted 12 Feb 2007
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