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Boeing Expands Use of ISYS/Odyssey Development's ISYS:web
Posted Sep 5, 2003 Print Version     Page 1of 1

ISYS/Odyssey Development Inc., a supplier of search software for business and government, has announced that Boeing has expanded its use of ISYS by purchasing additional technology from the search software vendor.  

For the past seven years, Boeing has used ISYS information retrieval tools at its Canoga Park division to search collections of documents, including procedures, forms, and technical documents. Boeing Canoga Park's recent purchase of an additional ISYS:web license is designed to expand search capabilities to allow searching of file storage servers containing thousands of documents.  

The Boeing enterprise search tool can only index and search Web-based documents and was thus unsuitable for the Canoga Park division's file server searching needs. The new file server search capability provided by ISYS:web is designed to enhance knowledge retrieval for lessons learned and other purposes by both functional and program organizations. The NT file security option of ISYS:web will be used to provide access control to the file server documents belonging to different organizations. Another ISYS:web license will be used to search secure sites that are accessible to certain Boeing teaming partners and customers.


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