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Quigo Offers Targeted Advertising System
Posted Aug 15, 2003 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Quigo Technologies Inc., a developer of proprietary search solutions for online contextual advertising, search engine marketing and business intelligence, has announced the launch of the AdSonar contextual advertising solution. AdSonar is designed to enable online publishers and licensees to serve contextually targeted advertising that achieves greater relevancy, reach, and revenue for publishers, licensees, and advertisers. Along with contextual solutions built in-house, Overture has licensed Quigo's AdSonar, and will combine their solution with AdSonar's.

AdSonar integrates automated semantic technology with human intelligence and uses proprietary semantic algorithms to automatically identify, match, and deliver relevant ads to each particular content page. For example, a Web page featuring a travel article about Hawaii could offer advertising for hotels in Hawaii, airlines flying to Hawaii, and tourist attractions in Hawaii. AdSonar also gives publishers the option of a human editorial setup for defining relevancy parameters and teaching Quigo's machine learning algorithms which parts of each page should be targeted.  

AdSonar gives publishers control to define relevancy parameters including keyword and category definitions, word filtering and more, and the flexibility to position ads anywhere on the Web page to best meet their needs, and the needs of their advertisers. Publishers may also choose to display ads from multiple vendors, or they may choose to partner with only one search listings provider. AdSonar is designed to offer advertisers the opportunity to present their products or services in an environment more conducive to purchasing, while more effectively reaching their desired target audience.


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