The power of document filters inside enterprise search

Imagine a technical support team for a telecommunications company. These people deal with thousands of customers with inquiries of varying natures. Should a customer bring up a problem with his connection, the technical support staff could perform a simple enterprise search, which could bring up a wealth of information such as similar logged complaints in the area or public maintenance notices; important data that allows the technical support staff to cater to their customers’ concerns as soon as possible.

How this works is that a document filter engine would process all the files that are retrieved from the enterprise search. These files are then broken down into their respective bits and bytes to make it possible for the data to be parsed and mined by the search engine. After each layer of the document has been refined into its components, the document filters then begin to perform a thorough check on every layer of every document, noting down important properties such as special handling and file formats that are needed in the search.

Ultimately, the technical support staff is then subject to all sorts of relevant information like map data of the affected customers as well as their reviews and complaints, and technical data on connections in that area; the staff gets all that and more by simply opening only one application.

Every Second Counts

When it comes to maximizing profits, every second counts. Imagine all the time wasted if the technical support staff had to painstakingly open every single complaint log, area map, memo, status sheet, et cetera on Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Gallery, or any other native or proprietary application. Without proper document filter solutions, all that lost time spent in the tedium of manual file gathering add up and ultimately waste your company’s time, experience, and money.

The technology involved with converting files and transforming documents is very sophisticated and because of this, there is a plethora of varied solutions available on the market today, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. More often than not, however, file parsers (the alternate term for document filters) are the main technology that allow the system to identify files and extract its data and metadata. Furthermore, file parsers are capable of converting files to other types (e.g. docx to pdf, html to doc, pdf to png, etc.). And if security is a concern with sensitive files, these file parsers also allow the selective censorship and redaction of information in documents so the results would omit any data that would otherwise be unnecessary or compromising.

Human Friendly Above All

Even the best enterprise search is worth nothing if it isn’t optimized for your business and end users. It is worth noting that the quality of the end user’s experience relies on the reliability, scope, and depth of your chosen document filter solution. An ideal experience would include a file parser that can recognize a large amount of relevant format types, can copy and replicate necessary documents without loss of quality or function for viewing purposes, and can quickly respond to user input and commands, and is flexible when dealing with file conversions and exotic file type viewing.

Of course, a great end-user experience implies a great solution. This is why a great document filter that provides a high quality experience very heavily influences the user satisfaction and their perceptions of the solution as a whole, despite it being only a small part of the entire solution. This is especially true for those in charge of data loss prevention, search solutions, archiving, e-Discovery, and content management.

Next time you make use of your company’s current search engine or pull data and attachments from your ftp folder or data repository, take note of how tedious it is to have to download the file, launch its native app, and then check it only to find out that this isn’t the file you’re looking for. Now imagine doing it over and over again; chances are, you might not even need to imagine the situation as you may have already experienced it. As if that wasn’t enough, imagine the maintenance necessary to keep all file viewing applications up to date. Make life easier for yourself and your company and get a high quality document filter solution. Your staff and your wallet will thank you for it.

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