Advantages of SMS Marketing – 7 Reasons to Choose SMS

Nowadays, there are different modes of communication such as television, telegraph, newspaper, email, and many more. DataStreet states that almost all things are virtually online nowadays. However, they are not as effective, reliable, and affordable as short message services or SMS when used for marketing. Among the different modes of mobile communication, SMS is undoubtedly one of the best methods to use with trillions of messages being sent every year. Since SMS is one of the most used methods of communication in the world, SMS marketing can be beneficial for your company’s advertising campaigns in more than one way. Below are a few of the key advantages of SMS marketing:

1. SMS is known to be the most immediate channel of communication; with the read estimate of more than 90% within fifteen minutes. This way, you’ll be able to know that your message was sent immediately.

2. All your marketing campaigns should work well together. SMS service is not only helpful for its effectiveness, but for the fact that it is capable of supporting other marketing mediums which may include emails and social media. For instance, it can remind the customers to read an email sent by a brand sometimes hours or even days before.

3. One of the well-known advantages of using SMS marketing is that it is cost effective. It costs much less than other forms of advertising, such as radio and TV advertisements. It is even cheaper than most newspaper advertisements and has a higher penetration rate as well. Advantages of SMS Marketing - 7 Reasons to Choose SMS

4. By using SMS marketing, you can easily find out what kind of audience you’re looking to target. You can create and send out more customer oriented content this way.

5. SMS marketing or advertising can only be carried out if the recipient provides their information. This helps with any possibly litigation when it comes to spam messaging.

6. Unlike print media and brochures, SMS marketing software will be more efficient because it can be sent to your customers anywhere without considering their distance and location.

7. You’re able to also send bulk SMS messages to thousands of phone numbers within seconds. This will save you time and also reach a lot more people than other marketing platforms.

SMS marketing can benefit any company — big or small. It’s known for providing higher penetration rates, being able to reach a large amount of people in a short period of time, and is convenient to use. Besides these key points, there are many other advantages of SMS marketing. With this, it is unquestionably a sensible decision to implement this form of marketing. The important thing that’s left to do is to ensure that it is maintained and executed on a timely basis.

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