Cloudtenna advances online searches using Cloud computing

Many end users can attest to the fact that many search engines are limiting in many ways. When the register is provided with sufficient computing power, the key words can be used as a mechanism of getting what the end users are trying to search on the internet all over the world.

In view of transforming the experience of internet users and adding value to online searching, Cloudtenna has added some intelligent search settings to their Directshare. These settings are meant to help in synchronizing the records and making the online searches a lot easier. All these are meant to make the searching experience more interactive.

Bryan Pham, the Cloudtenna CTO confirmed that they have put everything in place to ensure that this system is compatible for use with Android and iOS gadgets. This means that the application will be available for download on the different online application stores. They have already set up the work processes to ensure this is possible in the shortest time possible.

Directshare will also enable the IT experts to get statistical data on the frequency of what is being searched. They will also be able to know what every individual in the firm searched for at any given time. This information can then be saved in the cloud and accessed every time. As much as directshare is facilitated in the cloud, an organization will not be required to move their records into the cloud so as to use this application. This system will ease documentation and increase the efficiency of online searching.

As much as online searches have become a tradition for all internet users. There is always something that is missing. With the coming of a tool that is able to do all the computations and give a statistical representation of online searches. Online users can expect their searches to be efficient and more interactive.

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