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New in the Demo Center -- Cognition Linguistic Search
Posted Jul 11, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Since the Enterprise Search Center launched about a year ago, we've added more than a dozen search engine demos--all free to registered users.  This week, we welcome Cognition Technologies to the demo space with a beta version of their new linguistic search engine, CognitionSearch. 

Here's how the company describes itself and the demo you are about to go see:

Cognition Technologies, Inc. is a search company that has created the next evolution in text search technology. Through its patented linguistic search architecture, known as CognitionSearchTM, the company is able to deliver significantly greater numbers of relevant search results than is possible with currently used search technologies.  Linguistic search technology employs a unique mix of linguistics and mathematical algorithms which has, in effect, "taught" the computer the meanings (or associated concepts) of nearly all the words and the frequent phrases within the common English language. Unlike all of the popular search engines in use today, which utilize mathematically-based pattern-matching technology (i.e., they search for a particular word pattern), CognitionSearch understands the meaning of words in context; in both the query and in the document base. Therefore, the results delivered to the user are more precise, relevant and complete. CognitionSearch is the only commercially available linguistic search engine on the market.

Click here to check out the demo.

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