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The Top 4 Articles from Enterprise Search Center This Year
Posted May 16, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 1

The Enterprise Search Center has been online for a year now. So, Happy Birthday to us. We're in the process of reviewing the site's performance. Over the next several weeks, we'll be sharing with you some results.  When it comes to content, site visitors have voted with their clicks-throughs. Based on the click rates, here are the four top articles we published in the last 12 months. You might possibly have missed some of the original content we've presented. Here's your chance to catch up . . .

Principles of Effective Search by James Robertson

There are a number of fundamental principles that underpin the design and delivery of successful search. These relate to the way that staff use search, and the types of tasks they are trying to complete. They are also built on an understanding of staff motivations and behaviors. These principles are not new or radical, rather they are built upon the observation of many users when they search. They distil down common behaviors and approaches that can be analyzed to help design better and more effective search tools . . . Download the Free PDF version of this paper.

Social Work--Adding Social Network Analysis to Search by Bill Ives

The web today is about participation and participant-created content. The most effective web search tools take this participation into consideration in the process of delivering relevant results. A look at these techniques (and some of the problems with them) can lead to insights into exploring the relationship between social context and search results inside the firewall as well. Click through and get the free PDF of this Enterprise Search Center exclusive by Bill Ives.

Best of Both Worlds (Case Study on Enterprise Search in Practice) by Jean Graef

Enterprise Search Center Exclusive Article. Case Study: By 1999, the Montague Institute realized that both its authors and readers needed a better way to find articles on a specific topic, vendor, or concept. Using both internal organization and with help from Autonomy Ultraseek, Mongague is making its content more findable. Click through to download your free PDF.

Help Us Define the Topic  -- The Enterprise Search Center's Taxonomy

ESCenter was created by ITI as an across-the-enterprise collaborative effort. In developing the center further we want to collaborate with site users in making the site best match user needs. So far, the topic “enterprise search” has been defined based on a content analysis of materials published in ITI’s periodicals, including KMWorld and EContent Magazine. We’d like your help in refining our working taxonomy. Click on the blue headline (ABOVE) to learn more about what we've done and how you can help

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