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News - Classification & Taxonomies
Convera Launches New Product Platform to Combine Web and Enterprise Search
Convera Corporation, a provider of search technologies for professional workers, has launched the TrueKnowledge Platform.
News, Posted 19 Sep 2006
StoredIQ Adds Legal Discovery, Automated Records Retention Capabilities
StoredIQ, Inc. a provider of automated Information Classification and Management (ICM) software, has announced Version 4.0 of the company’s information management platform.
News, Posted 15 Sep 2006
Deep Web diving
QL2 and TEMIS partner
News, Posted 02 Aug 2006
StoredIQ Offers Integration with EMC Centera
StoredIQ, Inc. a provider of automated Information Classification and Management (ICM) software, has announced it has completed integration between the company’s ICM 5000 content-based classification and policy management software and EMC Centera CAS.
News, Posted 30 Jun 2006
Categorize completely
Inxight releases Version 5.0
News, Posted 28 Jun 2006
Inxight Releases Categorizer 5.0
Inxight Software, a provider of enterprise software solutions for information discovery, has announced the general availability of Inxight Categorizer 5.0, a hybrid categorization engine.
News, Posted 23 Jun 2006
Archive search
FAST InStream for Data Classification
News, Posted 21 Jun 2006
Really easy RSS
NewsGator offers new platform
News, Posted 14 Jun 2006
Optevi Enables Personalized Search
A new search capability called Optevi is designed to enable Web users to access information on the Internet through any existing technology.
News, Posted 09 Jun 2006
Portals for the masses
JBoss enhances open source platform
News, Posted 10 May 2006
Provalis Research Releases WordStat 5.1
Provalis Research has announced the release of WordStat 5.1, Provalis Research's text mining and content analysis tool.
News, Posted 05 May 2006
Guiding right
Siderean introduces Searmark Navigator 4.0
News, Posted 03 May 2006
Siderean Releases Seamark Navigator 4.0
Siderean Software, a provider of standards-based solutions for aggregating, navigating, and humanizing digital information, has unveiled Seamark Navigator 4.0.
News, Posted 25 Apr 2006
New intelligence for Documentum CIS
Intellisophic delivers vertical-specific taxonomies
News, Posted 13 Mar 2006
Exalead Announces New Search Solution; Announces Updates
Exalead has announced the availability of exalead one:workgroup 4.0, an enterprise search product designed for small businesses with as few as two or more employees, or a specialized division within a larger organization.
News, Posted 17 Feb 2006
Teragram Linguistic Technologies Used For HSDL
Teragram, a provider of multilingual natural language processing technologies, has announced that its proprietary categorization software is being used to enable auto-categorization of content for the Homeland Security Digital Library (HSDL).
News, Posted 17 Feb 2006
Workgroup search
Exalead offers new solution
News, Posted 15 Feb 2006
Avamar and FAST Announce Partnership
Avamar Technologies, Inc., a provider of data protection solutions, and Fast Search & Transfer (FAST), a developer of enterprise search and real-time alerting technologies, have announced that they have entered into an OEM agreement.
News, Posted 07 Feb 2006
Mondosoft acquires Navigo
Adds new taxonomy capabilities
News, Posted 06 Feb 2006
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